About the Journal

Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology is the peer-reviewed journal of the Israel Musicological Society. The journal publishes new research and reviews by scholars based anywhere in the world, covering any area of musicology, music theory, and ethnomusicology, as well as music education and music cognition. The editorial board includes leaders in these disciplines from around the world. The journal is open-access and catalogued in EBSCO and other major databases.

Min-Ad (Hebrew for “gamut”) welcomes proposals for special, themed issues, including collections of articles that grow out of scholarly conferences. The editors seek to support emerging scholars and to publish articles in a variety of genres, including scholarly articles, reviews, review essays, conference reports, position papers, and roundtables. While Min-Ad invites submissions on any topic in music studies, articles that address music in Jewish history and culture are welcome, as are proposals for special issues and roundtables that bring Israeli scholars into dialogue with others around the world.